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What Sustainability Means to Fabrieco.

Sustainability lays at the core of everything that we do. We aim to be ASAP. You may be wondering what that means. Well it means we aim to be As Sustainable As Possible. This is because we understand the impact the traditional textile industry has on our planet and we want to do everything that it takes to reduce this. This is why we make a promise to you to only source sustainable and ethical fabrics for you. This will allow you, the dreamer, the curator, the designer, or the student, to create your vision with reassurance that you are helping the industry change for the better.

Why Do Suppliers Use Fabrieco?

We understand the difficulties faced by sustainable suppliers to get your products noticed in a market that is plagued with greenwashing, and lacks transparency. Our solution eliminates this by ensuring that the most sustainable suppliers are recognised for their efforts in helping the industry change for the better. In addition to this, FABRIECO will become your partner in helping you address some of your operational issues by streamlining your order process, and amplifying your sales. 

sourcing sustainable Fabrics couldnt be easier

It's simple, find a fabric or Item you like check the reviews and sustainability ratings, if you're happy with what you see add quantity to basket. Or even better, add quantity to shared order, this gives users the opportunity to buy their chosen fabrics at a discounted rate.

Customized Profile's & Moodboards

Designers can register as a Seller and use the platform for inspiration. Or simple use it just to find the raw matierials for their next big project. Or register as a seller and have your products featured on our site so other customers and platform users can benefit from your creative designs!

Sustainability for The Fashion & textile Industry is our goal

This starts by changing the way you source clothing and fabrics.

Waste Of Water

The textile production uses around 93 billion cubic metres of water annually — the equivalent to 37 million Olympic swimming pools. By partnering with FABRIECO and sourcing fabrics through us, you can rest assured that you are helping reduce this figure.

£90,000,000,000+ Waste Per Year

You are correcting the wrong we've done to thousands of people and our global environment as years go by.


The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals are integrated into FABRIECO Score™ ensure ethical business practices are used in the production process used to produce the textiles, and that unsustainable textiles are penalised for the negative social and environmental impacts.

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